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Mom's On Mission (M.O.M)
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Who is M.O.M

Meet M.O.M: The woman behind this website

M.O.M began in 2002 in my hopes of creating a charity for premature infants in my area.  However, as that old saying goes, people are bored until it comes to charity work, and then they have too much to do.
So currently, M.O.M is just me, Alicia.  I am a mother of two wonderful little boys whom I homeschool.  And, I'm the mom of an angel baby named November Nicole.  I love sewing, gardening, and cooking.  And I adore babies and children.
Three years ago when this site first began, it consisted of only one page, and dealt only with preemies and newborns.  Since M.O.M's creation, more pages have been added such as November's Memorial, and two pattern pages.  I felt that, if I could not get people involved in fabric crafts in my local area, then I could atleast make sure that patterns of all kinds are available for anyone, anywhere who wants to help with this mission of showing love, and kindness and making this beautiful world God gave us a better place to live in. 
This year, a new page has been added, a page for Cancer patients and charities dealing with them, and of course there are patterns on that page too.  Cancer patients, especially young ones have a very special place in my heart.  I know first hand the importance of having support, head coverings, and the joys that small "gifts" can make during such a tremendously stressful  time.  I remember the joys of family members sending me little boxes in the mail, or a card, or leaving a box on my door step, or friends giving me little gifts or hand made cards.  Those things, no matter how small and inexpensive always made me smile, they made my days a little brighter, and left me with a renewed desire to keep fighting. 
I hope that all who visit my page enjoy their time here.  That they leave with a better understanding of the issues covered on  this site.  And, I hope that I inspire in someone the desire to pick up some crochet needles, knitting needles, or sit down at a sewing maching.  A desire to get their own children involved in "love" work by making hand made cards for other sick kids.  Trust me, sick kids and teens enjoy getting "handmade" items from other kids and teens.  The cards that always meant the most to me were the handmade ones. 

Copyright 2005 Alicia Lock